Dudeoir Explained

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What is “Dude”-oir?

…and Where Did it Come From?

As a society, we’re doing a pretty good job at squashing the stereotypes of the past.  For example, we’ve come a pretty long way from thinking that women should be delicate and feminine – whereas men should be tough, strong, and masculine.  In today’s time, the lines are becoming more and more blurred as androgyny and same-sex relationships become less of an “abomination”. There are children being born today that will never know a world where gay marriage isn’t legal.  Similar to how we, as millennials, will never understand the magnitude of the civil rights movement. It is pretty interesting that our next generation of adults will live in a society filled with acceptance, with true freedom to love whoever they want without criticism.

Example of Boudoir photography. Photo by Dallen Boutwell

IN this new society, we have had to redefine sexuality as we know it. For example, the word sexy mostly resonates with the female body, and only women can freely indulge in their sexuality and beauty without societal repercussions.

The photography style “Boudoir” came out in the 1920’s, in which the female body is celebrated no matter the models’ size or her imperfections. Yet as wonderful as this mindset is, there is something missing.

What? – you ask.

Well, men, of course!

And this is where Dudeoir comes in.


What exactly is Dudeoir?


(n.) | (dü-ˌdwär) | dude·oir

1. a tasteful, yet enticing, masculine spin-off of boudoir photography

2. subtly provocative portraits of men that capture the essence of the masculine form in various states of undress, without being sexual in nature.

Dudeoir derives from the photography style Boudoir, and it celebrates the male body in a more natural and beautiful way. Dudeoir became popular in the UK in the early 2000’s, and it is now tearing through American cities like a bull in a china cabinet, proudly paving the way for male body positivity, self-exploration, mental-health awareness, and self-confidence.  The models are usually only partially clothed in order to reveal some skin, or in some cases, fully nude but always in a tasteful manner. Many Dudeoir photographers make it a point to leave the most private bits to the viewer’s imagination.  It is very different from what one would call pornography, because by nature, it is not intended to be erotic, or to cause arousal to the viewer.  It is essentially whatever the model wants it to be, showing as much or as little skin as he is comfortable with. Sometimes props can be used, but the focus is always on the model’s body. Dudeoir is all about celebrating the dude in front of the camera, no matter the size or the shape.


…but Isn’t Dudeoir Supposed to be Funny?

As soon as Dudeoir gained some popularity, photoshoots of men in funny “sexual” poses started going viral and swamped the internet. Now, Redfox is all about a sense of humor. However, we also think it’s crucial to dispel the idea that male sexuality can only be funny. Not only that it isn’t true, it’s also kind of damaging to the image of man.

Here is a prime example: Dudoir by Cameo.  This UK photographer elegantly captures her subjects in a way that promotes masculinity and confidence.

The actual point of Dudeoir is to celebrate sensuality and beauty of the male body in a classy way (exactly like Boudoir does with a female body). And no, you don’t need chiseled shoulders that could carry the whole nation in order to be sexy. Anyone would agree that self-confidence is far more attractive than abs of steel.

Need some inspiration for your next Dudeoir session?

“Cleansed” – Photo by: Dallen Boutwell

How we do Dudeoir at Redfox

I take Dudeoir very seriously. I work patiently with each of my models to ensure the best possible photographs.  Photos that radiate sensuality and confidence – photos you can be proud of.

I do this by first spending some time together and building trust. After all, not many people feel that confident getting half (much less fully) naked in front of a stranger with a camera. So it is recommended that we meet prior to the shoot to chat about your expectations, potential results, as well as answer any general questions you may have.

We will discuss what parts of the body you are more self-conscious of, and which parts you love the most. This is the kind of information that helps me during the shoot itself.  I organize the poses and adjust lighting accordingly, and by following this knowledge, we end up focusing on the parts that you love whilst avoiding capturing the parts you don’t really like.

The model release forms will be discussed thoroughly before any shots are taken.  It is very important that you make it clear on the form whether or not you allow your photos to be used for promotional use.  YOU CAN check the box that makes SURE your photos stay 100%private, but I know from experience that once you see the finished photos, you will want to show the world.

“Jonny” Las Vegas, NV – Photo by Dallen Boutwell

During the photoshoot it is important to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  You can expect a relaxed environment, full of positive energy. If you are too hot or too cold, let me know. Need some water or a snack? Not a problem.  Heck, if you feel like listening to a certain artist or station will get you in the right frame of mind, GO FOR IT.  We never rush and always put your needs first.

And after the photoshoot we take a look at some of the best shots (if you wish). Then, you and I part ways as I begin working on the post-production stage of your session, leaving you to leap back into the real world a changed and confident man!

Why everyone must try Dudeoir photoshoot at least once

Being comfortable in your own skin is a huge part of being happy. Only by accepting your flaws and insecurities inside and out will you ever be truly content. Additionally, only by loving yourself unconditionally will you ever be able to truly love someone else.

It’s deep but it’s true.

And even if you feel like you don’t need any more reassurance when it comes to your looks, there is always the #1 reason for a Dudeoir photoshoot – it’s tons of fun. Tell me what self-assured confident man wouldn’t love to pose in front of a camera only in their undies? Yeah. Everyone likes to have their ego stroked once in a while!

Jokes aside, Dudeoir is also a great way to celebrate a personal milestone, such as successful weight loss or body building goals. Or to simply remind your significant other why they are lucky to have you.

SO if you are interested, give me a call at 601.498.6612 to schedule a session or just to answer any of your questions. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Get Notified about FREE SHOOTS by Email
Get all latest content delivered to your email just once a month. Subscribers have a chance to win a free photoshoot each calendar month!

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