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I opened Studio Redfox...

… in Las Vegas in June of 2016.  It was my first time actually running my own business, so naturally, I loved that place like it was my literal flesh and blood.  It was so much more than an experimental playground for my photography; it was my big chance to share my talents, knowledge, and ideas with the world.  It instantly elevated my career to entrepreneur-status, as I was scheduling new clients almost every single day.  I remember feeling so cool waking up at 6am every single day to go to work at my fully-licensed portrait studio in the heart of the most visited city in the entire world.     

What happened next was life-shattering.  In June of 2017, almost exactly one year after opening, someone backed a vehicle into the back door of Studio Redfox. They pried it open, went inside, and left with over 11 grand worth of studio equipment.  We filed a report, but as far as I know,  the thief (or thieves) were never caught. How would they?  The security camera wires were all cut,  the DVR box was missing,  and there wasn’t much left for the investigators to fingerprint.   

I couldn’t believe it.  In less than 24 hours my life was turned upside-down.  At that point I knew it was time to finally make some changes I had been wanting so desperately to see in my life.  In July, we closed Studio Redfox, and I said goodbye to Sin City for good.  My boyfriend and I packed up my Jeep with as much as we could fit, with the help of my Shiba Inu puppy, Koko – and we hit the open road for a very, very long drive to a brand new city, closer to home, where I would hopefully have better luck.  One day soon I will have another photography studio, but until then, my apartment will suffice.  So give me a call and let’s book a session!  You’ll be one of the many patrons of the future: Studio Redfox: Atlanta!

Redfox: Atlanta, here I come!

Dallen Joseph Boutwell

Media specialist / Photographer

Studio Portraiture

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Paw Prints

At Studio Redfox, I can take a photo of just about anything., but my areas of expertise encompass three main categories. 

Dudoir (Men’s Boudoir)

Studio Portraiture (Men, Women, and Pets)

Aerial Imaging (Drone Piloting)

Dudeoir Explained

IN this new society, we have had to redefine sexuality as we know it. For example, the word sexy mostly resonates with the female body, and only women can freely indulge in their sexuality and beauty without societal repercussions.

The photography style “Boudoir” came out in the 1920’s, in which the female body is celebrated no matter the models’ size or her imperfections. Yet as wonderful as this mindset is, there is something missing.

What? – you ask.

Well, men, of course!

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Social Media Graveyard for Photographers

Good photographs die in the graveyard of social media. That is the quickest killer of up and coming photographers. The whole process probably goes something like this – you scout out a good location for taking a photograph. You take it. Maybe you come back a few more times just to make sure that the shot you took is definitely the best possible shot.

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Photography is the art of preserving life’s most precious memories.  Therefore, it should be taken seriously, handled professionally, and most importantly, it should be uniquely styled to your specific personality.  From headshots to mugshots, you can rest assured your photos will be flawless.

Graphic Design

From logos, to brochures, to website templates, I can guarantee consistent, visually striking and original artwork that can be customized for any occasion.  


Hi-resolution, museum-quality printing on a wide selection of premium papers and canvas.  All canvas prints are wrapped by hand to ensure quality.


Need a 4K virtual tour for your next real estate listing? An aerial shot of your wedding or  independent film?  You wont find a better price in Atlanta.

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